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That was good game good job 

the monster coming out of the door scared me and a good game



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a sad game, but really nice

I really enjoyed playing this game. It was so sad :( I though it was going to go one way and it went another. Good story telling. 

:(((((((((((((( :( :( :( :( 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 SO SAD

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It was fun to play. I wonder what other kind of projects that you're planning on making in the future?


damn this rly hit me hard hjhsjhsf.. in a sorta good way u know, i can relate to her alot and this was a rly cool game :')


super lovely game <3


what do i do if the game will not start

VARY GOOD I love this game it was so beatiful it almost made me cry but good game

Such a beautiful game with a deep meaning behind it! Absolutely loved it! 

hey thank you for playing! it's nice to see it resonate with people

No problem, and yeah, it's beautifully well done! 


it wont let me start :(

I need help pwease

I cried a lot because i felt the same way, and i really liked how you portrayed at the end of how she was gettingbetter but she still has that monster in her.

thank you, that was what I was going for, that recovery is a process that you have to work at, and it's ok to still have those negative feelings inside you even if you're trying to get better, that even if things are bad eventually you can get to a place in your life where you feel ok and it's ok to accept help... or something like that. thank you for playing :)

ur game was pretty cool. i actually identify with this a lot because I also conceptualize my sadness as something that's out of my control. thank you so much for that. i can't wait to see what you make in the future!

thanks for this kind comment :)

Great game. I really liked where it went. Please check out my playthrough if you get a chance :). First game.

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Pros and cons are down below)

Check out my gameplay here:


I loved the story and the ending especially! It's not the most original story I've seen (look disadvantage 1) but it was marvelously told! I even got a bit emotional at the end for some reason) I could relate to the character) way to go! I should also note that the morale of the story is admirable.


I think this game was way too similar to "it's not me, it's my basement!". It's not necessarily bad, but I hoped to see more original elements implemented. It's ok to use the same concept of a monster in a basement, but it would be much better if the lore behind this entity would be completely different. It's still a good game tho.


That was an amazing experience! I think it could be further developed and it also has the potential to become a bigger game. I rate the game 8.7 basement monsters / 10 (officially 5/5 here on itch) and can't wait to see more from you!)

Hope my feedback was useful!

*btw I also played and review your other game candypink some time ago and I want to say that you've grown a lot. I liked the previous game a lot but this one seems a lot more interesting, complicated, and intriguing. Great job!


loved this game <3

i cant find the pills

 the bathroom sink in the room next to the bedroom

Very epic game :)

Was not expecting that. Very poignant and well made.

Incredibly touching. I resonated a lot with the story. Honestly, it made me cry haha. Looking forward to your future work! <3

I'm sooo so glad they got help and made peace w the monster...such a good game!





I just want to say that I absolutely loved this game and I even almost cried near the end. I felt like I could relate to this a lot as well as many others so I think that's why it really got to me  but again this was an amazing game, loved the overall message of the game too and I hope you keep making amazing games such as this one

thank you! I appreciate it

pretty nice game


amazing story game

Godot squad!

loved this game. 


I don't have much to say, the way you made the history and everything was fantastic for me, just in the end I understood what was the meaning of the monster here, and this can be interpreted in different ways, the first thing I was thinking about was depression because someone that I really love struggles with that but it can also be interpreted in different ways, I just have one thing to say: Well done.

Thank you for playing!

this is a great game, i loved it :)


wawa shika 

Most likely the best game I ever played ngl. The whole entire story made me cry :) 10/10

thank you :)

sus anime pfp


I just loved this!! The design, the meaning of the whole story! Great piece of work!


I loved this so much! I always try to find games like this that have some narrative about mental health or things most people struggle with. This one was lovely. The only thing I'm still wondering about is the metaphor for "feeding" the monster - I assumed it was self harm and that she was grabbing the knife every time, but I'm curious about other people's thoughts. I think this would be a great way of describing to somebody what the daily struggle of somebody living with depression could be like! 

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