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great game gave me good amounts of chills.but can someome fill me in, i know it has something to do with depresion and asking for help ect but i feel like i missed alot if there is then pls lfill me in.


Wow. This game made me a little teary towards the end. This is a great example of how video games can tell an impactful story that can affect its players. I truly appreciate this game. Thank you.

I made a video for my channel. Check it out whenever you can.

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nice vid keep it up (as in the good work, keep up the good work)

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Thank you! :)

A really cool experience. Liked the artstyle and atmosphere - fits the story very well!

this is kinda like undertale


This was great...but i didn't undertand it....but it was great!

Wow I loved it

enjoyed this..

Much more than I was expecting.


I love the story and this game.

Good game!!

really good game! games like this on itch is rare these days, I love the story a lot and enjoyed the beauty of the game. It really gives me hope in life sometimes because the grandma was just an example that there are people willing to help you sometimes.



This almost made me cry... literally!like ackwnd10001010111010101 said, it was a depression metaphor and the way she dealt with everything and what not, it was just really sad, but the end was wholesome


This made me emotional! I relate. 


i had realized that the monster was a depression metaphor and when it said grab knife i got really sad because i knew what was coming


i like the ending it was sweet.


big monster HELP ME!!!! this game is awesome i love it please like and suscribe it really helps me out a lot i'm trying to get 100 subs :)
Hello I played this game and issues started popping up I think at the very end of the game it was glitched I couldn't do anything it was just like a walkthrough you can move around but can't do anything another thing is static while I was playing static kept popping up I don't know if that's part of the game or not another thing is that it would stop halfway through and I would have to reload it.

This game was amazing, and well made. At first I was reminded of an Undertale-ish playstyle, but the content itself was actually heart-touching. Good job!!

I don't know why but when I play this the sound is choppy and I thought at first maybe a problem with my pc so I loaded up youtube and my sound is working fine when I played a video. So it is this game for whatever reason sounds choppy and staticy. For me, it makes it unplayable and I don't know if this is just my thing or if other people have had the same problems.

I've also had that problem so I tried reloading the page and clearing everything out and that worked so try that!

just tried that same sound issues even after reloading the page. Choppy and annoying.

Alright, I would suggest trying to contact the game creators and let them try and solve the problem.

If you're playing on Chrome, the most recent Chrome updates on Windows broke audio in Godot exports. The game page recommends using Firefox instead.

ok i understand thank you for responding. that is weird you wou;d think it would work in all browsers have you nbeen able to figure out why it won't work in chorme

Nice game. Also that demon thing looks better when he is not chunky.


Thank you for making this. I know that a lot of other comments have said about as much, but I found this game extremely touching and cathartic. I struggle a lot with self-hatred and dysphoria, especially lately, and this game made me weep. This is a fantastic game, and I'm so glad that I found it.

Thank you so much :)


I liked the story. Its about a 20 something who has to deal with their inner demons.


I won't lie, by the end of this, I was kind of tearing up, reminded of my own daily struggle. But, man, do I love Grandma.


Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, although the audio kind of ruined the experience for me, so if that get sorted out then it'd be great, over all it was a neat game, good work :)

Were there bugs with the audio? What browser were you playing on? I can try to replicate it and fix it.

Most of the audio sounds really glitched, some of the other people's videos sound the same glitched way, and I used Google Chrome.

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Alright, seems it might be a Chrome on Windows issue that I can't fix myself:

Will see if I can use any of the workarounds they suggest.

I added a note in the game page about using Firefox to play, since it seems pretty stable there. Sorry about that.

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that yellow thing really isn't that bad!i think this game should be longer cause really i think its awesome cause they figured something out!this game is just great.i loved it and update it please cause i am new to this account and don't know how to make games and i'm still young so please help me and tell me in my comments of my how do i make games game!thanks!

Does the game just end with you in your house? Is this the ending?


As someone who deals and struggles with gender/body dysphoria, this really hit home, I just, you did a really good job exploring the ideas of self hate/body hate and issues to do with physical/mental health in such a small package-

Thank you very much :)

I definitely felt the struggle the main character is having. It was a little confusing at first but gradually you start to figure it out. Very nice job! 

in the end it realy clicked honestly, that you dont have to give in every day, and that, when you do,, its okay, because you are healing, and , it takes time.


Hi, mine is just a black screen that never loads :( 

is it me or is it the game??


i think it's the game :(

same for me i think it's broken

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Not sure what browser you are using, it works on me for Firefox.

If you're using something else, I can try to replicate it and fix it.

Hi, I'm using Chrome :)


I think the most recent Chrome updates cause issues with Godot, other people are also reporting sound issues when playing on Chrome, which wasn't an issue a few months ago. :(

I added a note in the game page about using Firefox instead.


this was really awesome,,, it's very relatable to me

hope whoever reads this is doing well <3


wow, this was really awesome. and powerful. i was teary-eyed by the end.


I sobbed for the last ten minutes of the game. It hurts so much, it is so true. Thanks a lot for this game.


Thank you :)


Nice game! :D this game is so cool and well-made!

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spokky story

I dont really know how to describe this, i will just left "wow..." here.

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