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This game hit way too hard for me. I have both chronic pain and a ton of mental health problems, and I really feel like this sometimes. It makes it hard to do basic things, and I can relate to the feeling of hopelessness and wanting to do whatever it takes to make it stop. Amazing game. Thank you for making it, and for giving it a happy ending


almost made me cry , good short game + would recommend


Very interesting, good game


this is so sad but also so relatable for people like me who struggle with mental health and body etc. Im so glad there was a happy ending <3


Good game. It was really sad but I'm happy that there was a happy ending.

Great game!


As someone who struggles with both chronic pain and several mental conditions. This hit really really hard for me, I wish those who have to deal with this on their own all the best. I'm rooting for you!


I loved this game a lot. It was quite sad and hit kinda hard but it was still great! Thank you for putting your time and effort into the game.


as someone who struggles with chronic pain, this hit SO HARD. thank u for this <3 it can feel so hopeless when it's your body hurting you and you can't escape

i loved this game so much, <33


i cant get the watering can ill rate this 3/10


Hiii! I was wondering what you used to create this game? I want to make my own horror game but idk what app to use to make it or how to code lol, any advice? I want to create my game in a pixel style like this lol


This was made in Godot, it's an open-source game engine. It's relatively easy to pick up and there are lots of tutorials available online


thank you so much! I'm trying to make my own game :))


Really cool game! I would love some more choices to pick from and maybe some different endings? For example if you choose to ignore the neighbor when she calls and don't help her you will end up giving in the the monster and dying, but if you try and fight the monster and help the old lady you'll get the good ending. You don't need to do this ofc, just some ideas! :D


The lore is interesting, I'm guessing the orange monster is the main character's mental issues, insecurities, and other negative thoughts in the form of a monster that tortures her, am I right? And, the grandma next door represents that one person that is there for you when you need them, even if you don't realize it. Me and my friend loved the game, thank you for making this.

that make sense

That was a hundred days ago but thank you !


I don't get the plot of this game.

I'm guessing (cause of the caption) that it's her? her body? the yellow monster hurts her, needs food, and she's so angry she tries to kill it, but it's her body, so she goes with it? I'm not sure

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I think the monster has to do with her mental health

this is a dope game. though im not saying much, its true.

great game!!


I played this game a while ago and I enjoyed it, learning about the struggles of work and depression. The sound was kinda weird, but maybe that's part of the game.

This was such a good game! I cried, and I don't cry at much.


i love the vibe

Beautiful! Honestly though, I'm stuck. I can't get past after you kinda die. You try to kill the monster, and now I'm stuck. Help please?

This is really beautiful and I love the style, If I'm gonna be honest- I didn't expect to get emotional but I'm glad I did. Please keep up the great work!


really amazing. im a little embarrassed that it took me a while to realize that this is about chronic pain. also if it turns out im wrong i will be even more embarrassed.

but that aside, even though i personally do not have chronic pain, the message really spoke to me. i think this game came to me at a good time. gotta find a good compromise to get myself outta this, and all. ill keep it vague since this is a public comments section lol

great game! i love the use of red and orange for only the blood and the monster, really makes it stand out


yes, it's about chronic pain. (at least it is in my mind, as well)
thanks for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed it

ithought it was depression. that what it seems like to me 

really poignant, really sad... but thankfully it ends on a hopeful note. never give up, life can and does get better. you can do it, you're stronger than you think. thank you ribyrnes for this beautiful game. 


urm idk bout this did not make me cry but sad inside


oh my god this game was so good but im sad now the ending made me cry so much holy 

this is the goal, thank you :)


was expecting a horror game instead i cried :)

thanks :)

it was so sad :C

good game


Btw the auidios glitchy in chrome but still i had fun


undertale/deltarune feels

I expected emotions but it still got me right in the gut! Lovely game, the pacing and gameplay was very smooth and I really liked the ending. Lovely work and I will definitely check out your other games. 


thank you!

at the end, it made me cry. I think we all need someone like the neighbor in our life :((

and good game, really enjoyed it<3

thank you :)

The story is good, I loved the message that goes on, I liked the game art, keep it up <3

Good game , good story, nice old school graffics.

ummm pretty sure im stupid but I cant get the watering can out of the closet

Hopefully this is good!!

can you make a part 2 pls pls pls

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